Beefing Up Your GSP: Global Social Profile

In part 1 of this series we talked about content and how to broadcast globally to the best effect. Here we focus on format and how to develop your social profile using the most complimentary medium.

Your international profile starts evolving the minute you build a social profile. That’s why social presence is your number one social media asset. It is your calling card; the sum of all your profiles and connections, and the launch pad for global communication.

The question is this – which social media best showcases your offer, your talents and your brand? Because with so much choice, it’s easy to get carried away, and bombard followers with a little something from every medium hmmm– a tweet here, a text there, a picture app everywhere – the mistake is in thinking that sheer relentless volume equals impact. It doesn’t. It equals air pollution. Better to practice discretion. The way to do that is by streamlining your approach.

So whatever your poison – whether you own the Twittisphere-airwaves with your mastery of the 140 character tweet, or pride yourself on blogtastic posts that leave followers crying out for more – stick to what you do best and keep your message carrier simple and streamlined. Be selective about your mode of communication. And don’t text and tweet in tandem for the sake of it. Only do it when absolutely necessary.


If you plan on becoming the classic Alice in Tweetland you need to wow your tweeples every time you log on. That means entering the realm of ‘what’s trending’ by having something witty, useful or interesting to say, otherwise, stay off the air!

Dangers: don’t ever kid yourself that your ‘tweet nothings’ part of a ‘private’ conversation because, they never are!


Texting may be a great way to get app-happy and share and care and stay in touch, BUT digi-etiquette rules it out as a suitable channel for multiple message despatches i.e. spam! Don’t even think about it!

Blogging Thanks to blogalisation, anyone can be a blogging authority so long as they can string together a few (hundred) words. And yes, it’s OK to use your blogesaurus. The main thing is to keep it short, snappy and coherent, and don’t let it get blogged down in blogotony – if you get my drift. But, do it right and your blog will be the most immediate and effective way to broadcast information, experiences and articles across the airwaves.


Adding loads of pretty pictures to your picture-blog will ramp it up to the next level, giving your audience a birds-eye view into the world you are representing. It doesn’t cost anything except a few minutes of your time and a decent digital camera. If you’re a photographer extraordinaire, there’s no other way for you. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. (I don’t believe them, but that’s a debate for another day…)


Whatever your vlogosophy, if you are producing regular video content in short captivating bursts, you are hands down delivering the most powerful show and tell experience possible, while putting your audience right in the bat-zone. But, this awesome marketing tool will only be effective if the quality is spot on. So, *stern voice* you must only do it if you are confident of delivering a super slick product.

Do not subject your audience to a sloppy, fuzzy production, they don’t have time; but do vlog like your life depends on it. And, should you be so lucky to absolutely nail it, and create a mad online frenzy, do not, whatever you do stop. Vlog with reckless abandon, vlog for your life, vlog while you eat, sleep, pray and love; just make a vow to vlog and keep vlogging! And then, sit back and watch the hits come in thick and fast.


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