Connecting Globally with a Live Tour

In taking this collaborative approach to wow your followers, fans and prospective clients, you are straying from the typical path, that means, you will need to plan your assault with meticulous care.

To demonstrate, I’ve re-adapted the live music business model used by Madonna (figuring that if it’s good enough for her…) It works on this premise. 

Step 1. Build a Strong Online Following

Work long and hard to build and gather a devoted online following.  Once you’ve got them, the challenge is to keep them! Be generous and distribute samples and snippets of your best work. Keep the content coming in a bid to keep your audience interested and hungry, and coming back for more!

 Step 2. Break It Down            

Break your followers down geographically: country by country, city by city.

 Step 3. Tour Announcement

Set the tour date, write the press release and contact each of the groups, giving them as much notice as possible. Let them know the proposed dates the ‘National Tour’ will be coming to town. (If you are going to London during the Olympics, make sure you check prospectives * before * booking your trip. Many locals are planning to use the Games as an excuse to get out of town and they have their southward sights set firmly on, amongst other places, our dazzling shores. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by planning a ‘surprise’ visit when you get to town only to find that they have high-tailed it out of town – right to the city that you just left!)

 Step 4. The Venue

Any International Hotel worth its salt will be glad to offer the use of the Business Centre and associated function rooms in exchange for the cost of refreshments. Then just go town, wow your audience by showcasing your brand in the most imaginative and memorable way possible. And very important, build in some post-presentation one-to-one time for the priority prospects. This can be tricky, but it’s doable so long as you make a plan and stick to it.

Step 5. Online Follow Up

Once you return back to base, resume your robust online presence with all the usual suspects; the goal to push those orders through on the back of tour. Then sit back and watch as the sales come roaring in. 

Bottom line, do whatever it takes to get that face time; get in front of your prospects and make a killer impression.


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