Global Wedding: I’m Getting Married and You’re Invited!

Do you fancy *going* to a wedding on the other side of the world? A wedding that is designed and presented with the digital sphere in mind, where you can interact with the food, the music, the people. Where you can dance?

I didn’t plan on making my wedding announcement via the blogosphere, I just couldn’t help myself after hearing the news – the Queen  crashed a wedding, because she was randomly invited – oooh, so that’s how you get the Queen to your wedding! Well, I’ll be sure to deliver my invitation to the Buckingham digs, by hand, whilst there for the Olympics!

But, back to reality, with a thud, I realise that after living abroad for 6 years, I don’t know the first thing about how to plan a Sydney wedding, let alone a a global wedding!

And I’m not alone.

With 70% of Aussies travelling abroad annually, and more of us living overseas than ever before, many of our loved ones live in far away places. Of course we want them to share our special day, but it’s not possible for everyone to attend, and they’re tuned into different time zones and bat stations on the day.  What’s the solution?

To go back to our Royal cohorts, the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton was *the* new media event for our age. They were so not kidding when they showed us how to stage a global wedding.

And while I don’t have quite, erm, the budget of the Royals, I do have a big imagination.  It’s starts with a complete ban on all wedding froo-froo, and ends with a wish for a beautiful global celebration.

I’m thinking interaction, I’m thinking a live stream broadcast with a savvy wedding venue that supports a live streaming set-up, and enables our overseas guests to feel like they’re part of the wedding. They won’t have to sit and watch quietly, they can chat and gasbag with each other across the airwaves while they eat, drink be merry and dance! Afterwards, there will be a user generated wedding mosaic that everyone will be part of. 

But it’s more than just excellence in videography required to pull of a cyber-celebration of this scale. It’s a matter of innovative thinking specifically for the digital sphere, where the event is created and produced for online, social media – and that means – approaching and designing it with a user-friendly mindset.

For those O.S guests who haven’t visited our awesome country, I want to show off our cultural diversity. I’m thinking a harbour backdrop with scented Singapore lilies, enchanted lotus and frangipani garlands with Chinese lanterns shimmering off the harbour, a mandolin strumming softly… and ooh, a sunset would be nice…

For the food, I want to show-case our astonishing culinary delights, as well as enabling our absent guests to duplicate the ‘shared’ dishes at their own celebrations. I’m thinking seafood, I’m thinking yum-cha, I’m thinking melt in your mouth canapés, banana and mango pancakes with honeycomb ice-cream, Persian Love Cake and lychee mojitos…Oooh I’m getting carried away now.

So if you are reading and there is ANYthing about this vision captures your imagination, please, talk to me about your ideas, inspiration, experience and suggestions. Tell me about your expertise. Let’s bring together all our talents in a collaborative environment, and create a template for a global celebration to provide a platform for the next generation of weddings.

Feel free to email your wedding day experiencesImage: the good, the bad and the ugly – I want to hear it all


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