StuffTo Do In London When You Fancy Something *Other* Than Sport!

Fancy a few action-packed weeks flinging your self around the London Olympics, but worried about what you’ll do when you need a respite from sport? Not a problem!

In case you missed the memo, the email, the text, the Tweet, the App…it is the Queens Diamond Jubilee this year. Talk about an absolute masterstroke in timing, and of course an extra special treat, especially since London knows how to turn on the pomp and ceremony like no-one else!

And even if you miss the Jubilee Holiday Weekend from June 2  – 5 when they plan to positively paint the town red and  London gets set to shimmer in a royal coat of fairy-dust as they roll out the razzle dazzle – the parades, the prancing ponies and good old Prince Phillip,  you can still enjoy the year long Jubilee Celebrations. 

Witness the freshly glossed gates to Buckingham Castle and Windsor Palace swing open to reveal the previously unseen Royal Collection exhibition to mark the Diamond Jubilee as well as exhibiting That Dress.  Kate-Middletons-royal-wedding-dress-goes-on-display-at-Buckingham-Palace

Amongst all of this, London is also serving up the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, and they want you to know it is THE largest cultural celebration in the history of the modern Olympic and Paralympic Movements. It takes place across the entire city over 21 June – 9th September and brings together all the big names of music, culture and art including Damon Albarn, JayZ & our very own Cate Blanchett.

Should you want to funk up your adventure even more, summer in the UK also means music festival madness with tickets still available for some of the smaller UK based boutique festivals. Sadly there’s no Glastonbury this year since there weren’t enough portaloos to share with the Olympics – true story! For those keen to venture further afield and take in some sexy-time Euro-rock, look towards Spain, Belgium, Germany, Sweden for their killer annual festivals taking place over the summer and cheap plane tickets out of London.

And if you miss the festivals, don’t panic! With almost every rock star worth their salt in town, most of the headliners will do London sideshows. Foo Fighters are headlining Reading and Leeds, so it’s likely they will announce London dates shortly.

And it’s not just music, the guffaws come thick and fast with the world class Edinburgh Comedy Festival which, if you can squeeze it in, you’ll be laughing! Held across the entire month of August, you don’t need to pre-book, but you will take your chances with the big name shows which sell out fast. You are strongly advised to book accommodation. Travel is one hour by plane, or around 4 hours by coach.

If you are travelling around the UK, ensure that you make time to see the leading sights in those places you visit. For instance a visit to Bath wouldn’t be complete with a visit to the heavenly Roman Baths.

London has worked furiously for the past few years to put on what many suspect will be The Most Dazzling Show On Earth. And when the sun shines on London Town, it positively glows, so for those looking for a respite from all thing Olympics this summer, you’re in luck. The city promises to come alive with an incredible burst of energy, excitement and endless possibilities. And with approximately 14 hours of daylight, it’s an extraordinary amount of time to cram a super-human amount of fun into. Don’t be put off if you’re not into sport. No-one said that was the main attraction.

In other Diamond Jubilee going ons:

The National Maritime Museum will open ‘Royal River: Power, Pageantry and the Thames’

 The National Portrait Gallery will stage ‘The Queen: Art and Image’, a touring exhibition of images of the Queen.

 The Victoria and Albert Museum is holding an exhibition of portraits of The Queen by photographer Cecil Beaton, which will tour around the UK.

The Tower of London is still home to the magnificent Crown Jewels


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